Dear 2016, I win.

Dec 31

Dear 2016,

You think you won. You think you got the better of me. Of all of us.

But you’re wrong. So ppfffftttthhhhh.

You took artistic giants – over and over you took them – but we still float like a butterfly, sing in the purple rain and whisper carelessly. The force – and the Space Oddity – are still with us.

You took our election and gave it to a madman, but passionate, organized fighters still guide us through the darkness as we insist that all humans are created and treated equally.

Be brave. Be heard.

Dec 12

I’m extremely uncomfortable writing this article. I hate confrontation in general and there is nothing more explosive than a political discussion. That’s why most of my life I’ve shied away from talking about presidents and policies. I’m afraid of looking dumb and I don’t like being shouted down.

But I’m ready to be heard. I’m ready to participate even though these discussions are veritable infernos right now. I’m ready to speak up, even if my eyebrows burn off, because it’s the right thing to do.

Because the physical safety and civil rights of my friends and family are being threatened by our president-elect and his proposed team.