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Dying Light 2 Stay Human Review

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is now available for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. The new game from Polish studio Techland is an interesting proposal that mixes first-person action with open world and parkour, all in a city infested with zombies. It is a sequel to the first Dying Light, published in 2015, although you can play directly to this second installment without going through the first.

🕹️ GameDying Light 2 Stay Human
🎮 Platform(s)PlayStation, Xbox, and PC
📅 Release DateFebruary 3, 2022
👾 GenreAction-Adventure, Survival
🏆 Metacritic Metascore77
🏅 Metacritic User Score 4.2
Dying Light 2 Stay Human Review

The premise of the game is simple: 15 years ago, an unexpected pandemic destroyed humanity by turning people into the living dead. Nowadays there are no healthy people left, everyone has been infected with the virus and they survive thanks to inhibitors and medicines. In this context, the protagonist of the adventure is Aiden Caldwell, a pilgrim who is in charge of traveling between the few remaining settlements to bring information and resources.

Dying Light 2 – zombie pandemic

Dying Light 2: Lots of Action in an Infested Open World

Dying Light 2 Stay Human starts with the arrival of Aiden Caldwell to the city of Villedor, where he hopes to find his missing sister. But this protagonist is not a normal person, since he has been subjected to several experiments that have given him some special abilities, very useful to fight against zombies.

Villedor, also known simply as The City

The new from Techland is a huge open world. A few weeks ago, the Polish studio boasted about the size of their game and the hours it would take to complete it. The story takes place in a city infested with zombies and divided into different factions of survivors. Faced with this situation, the protagonist can get different allies or create his enemies.

Dying Light 2 main character

Dying Light 2 Gameplay

Like a first-person Assassin’s Creed, the game’s main movement system is parkour. Aiden Caldwell can climb and jump on any surface, and he also has a parapet and a hook that make it much easier to move around. As for the action, the combat system focuses on melee with improvised and handmade weapons.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human gameplay

The fights are brutal, each blow to a zombie can dismember it, decapitate it or break it in half. There are also some ranged weapons such as crossbows and bows since firearms disappeared many years ago. A priori the game offers a lot of variety, but the confrontations usually always follow the same pattern of hit, block, and dodge.

As for the open world, it is very interesting the day and night system, which is fully integrated into the gameplay. When the sun goes down, the zombies come out and become much more powerful. It is at these times that you can get better loot by exploring, but the protagonist will have to face powerful hordes and special enemies.

Dying Light 2 Review

During the day, on the other hand, the infected take refuge in the darkness of abandoned buildings. In the sunlight, it is easier to move around the city, but it is also less interesting, and less valuable rewards can be obtained. This risk-reward system is one of the playable centers of the experience.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is a role-playing game. Beyond the two skill trees at its disposal (combat and parkour), the player can directly influence the evolution of the protagonist and the story. The city of Villedor is full of side quests, characters, points of interest, landmarks on the map, and objectives that serve to improve or modify relations with the different factions.

Review on Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Dying Light 2: Choose Your Own Way

Techland’s new game is full of important decisions that, apart from influencing the development of the story and the protagonist, also generate visible changes in the world and affect the gameplay. At one point in the story, you can choose what you want to do with some water supplies. Depending on your choice, you can drain an area of the city, which becomes a new part of the map to explore and can also improve or worsen the relationship with the factions. Decisions influence beyond the story, they have playable consequences.

Water tower in Dying Light 2

Even though Dying Light 2 Stay Human’s proposal is very interesting, the execution leaves something to be desired. The animations are not as fluid as they should be, the story is full of clichés and the decisions, in the end, are not particularly transcendental. Techland gets lost among dozens of extremely complex options and fails to implement them well or get the most out of them.

In addition, the game has many errors and bugs. There are out-of-place animations, characters that stop talking in the middle of a conversation, and enemies that just stand there staring at a wall. It is also common for the game to stop working and there are even reviewers who have not been able to finish the story because of some of these bugs.

Dying Light 2 Gameplay

Dying Light 2 Review: Summary

With Dying Light 2 Stay Human Techland tries to put an end to the adventure that started in 2011 with the first Dead Island. Its new zombie, action, and the open-world game is an interesting proposal that gets lost among its complexity and falls halfway. When the studio fixes the main errors, it will surely be a quite enjoyable experience for fans of the undead.

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