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Grand Theft Auto VI – News & Rockstar Updates

Grand Theft Auto VI

GTA VI is official: Rockstar confirms that the new part is in development

Grand Theft Auto VI is real. Rockstar Games has announced for the first time that the new installment of the popular franchise is currently in development. This official confirmation puts an end to the information that had arisen around this long-awaited title. The American publisher has given the news on the same day that has announced the final date of the version of Grand Theft Auto V for PS5 and Xbox Series: next March 15.

🕹️ GameGTA VI
🎮 Platform(s)PC, Xbox Series X|S, PS5
📅 Release DateThe latest gossip: GTA 6 release date will be in 2025
👾 Genre(s)Action-adventure
⚔️ Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer

“With the unprecedented longevity of GTA V, we know many of you have asked about a new installment in the Grand Theft Auto series,” the company says in a statement. “With every new project we embark on, our goal is always to go far beyond what we have previously offered, and we are pleased to confirm that active development of the next installment in the Grand Theft Auto series is in progress,” it adds.

This is the only information Rockstar Games has released about the new chapter in the multi-million dollar franchise. The New York-based publisher they have limited themselves to saying that they will share more information as soon as they are ready.

GTA VI concept poster from Reddit.com by vinayakiyer

Another Grand Theft Auto Updates

Regarding the version of Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online for PS5 and Xbox Series, the company has not only specified the release date -it had already been announced that it would be released in March, but has also announced the improvements that this re-release will incorporate, including “new graphics modes with up to 4K resolution, up to 60 frames per second, improvements in textures, drawing distance, HDR and ray-tracing options”.

As previously announced when this re-release was unveiled, GTA V and GTA Online will also take advantage of the increased power of next-generation consoles to improve load times. Rockstar Games also details “immersive 3D audio, platform-specific features such as advanced haptic feedback”.

There is also news for those players of the PS4 and Xbox One version of the game who want to make the jump to the next-gen version. According to Rockstar Games, “they will be able to transfer both their progress in GTA V’s story mode and their current characters and progression in GTA Online to PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, with a one-time migration at launch.”

The U.S. publisher also announced that coinciding with the launch of the new version, GTA Online will be offered free for the first three months for PS5 players.

The first version of Grand Theft Auto V hit stores in 2013 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles. Since then, the game has sold more than 145 million units, making it the second best-selling game of all time – behind only Minecraft – and a true pop culture phenomenon.

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