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Kenshi: How to Make Money

Kenshi Money Making

Getting money in Kenshi is not the easiest thing in the world, and worst of all, it is really necessary if you want to equip yourself with a bona armour and prepare yourself to be really competitive in this game. Especially for those who are just starting to play the part of getting a lot of money is not as intuitive and as easy as in any of the other games we are used to.

Precisely for this reason, we have decided to create this guide article in which we give you all the keys and some tricks to get all that amount of money you need.

Kenshi Money Making Strategies

Low-Risk StrategiesHigh-Risk Strategies
Looting in BastStealing
Mining DepositsSmuggling
Wandering TradersLooting Ancient Locations
ManufacturingBounty Hunting
CraftingFog Prince Head Hunting
Alcohol Trade RouteLeviathan Pearl Factory
Hashish TradingRaid Animal Nests

How to Get Money in Kenshi – Get to Chopping Copper

One of the best ways to get money in Kenshi is to chop steel or copper. If you check, you will see which of the steel and copper betas have the best material qualities. This way, if you chop for a certain time and get a good amount of material, you can then sell it directly in the village and get a vast amount of money.

Kenshi Copper Locations

Most Cities have a node nearby. You can use prospecting(lower right corner) to look for resources near you. I just made some videos on how to make money (with exploits and without)

Comment from Orange01gaming, reddit.com

There’s an inn just down the road that has a node near it. Very safe spot too since the ninja guard there will protect you.

Comment from Radthereptile, reddit.com

The hub has both copper and iron nodes close by enough to be automated if you buy a house and place a storage inside, just look west of the hub for small copper

Comment from Tricoman95, reddit.com

There is one node directly west northwest of the west gate of the hub. Tiny and hard to see, but in safe running distance

Comment from A_Mouse_In_Da_House, reddit.com

In addition to this, there is also the fact that you will encounter a lot of enemies as you search for copper and iron veins, so killing them will also give you a huge amount of materials that you don’t have to use and that you can sell in exchange for money. So it’s true that copper or steel chopping isn’t op right now, but it’s still a stable way to get some funding source.

Getting Money in Kenshi – Train a Thief

One of the options also to make a lot of money is with a thief. You don’t need to train a whole army of thieves, but just one, especially in the art of stealth and assassination. With an armour that improves your stealth, you can run from one point to another without waking up or alerting the guards. This way, you can go straight for a Fogmen prince, knock him unconscious with one hit and then decapitate him. It’s an insta-kill.

Of course, you can speed up this process by simply beating up fogmen and putting them on prisoner poles to lure the prince/warrior squads. Of course, this will give you a large amount of gold as well.

Kenshi Money Making – Sell Prosthetics

If you don’t have much ethics and morals, you can sell stolen prosthetics. The best place to do this is in the black desert city. There they have a big prosthetic store on the second floor where they will buy your goods. Just make sure you have acid-resistant armour on you, so you don’t start melting right there.

You can get anywhere from 40,000 to 50,000 gold methods. Keep in mind that if you decide to rob or attack any of the vendors in the store, you may very well need a new prosthetic yourself since you’re not going to get out of there with all your body parts intact. Either way, it is a perfect way to make a good amount of gold in Kenshi.

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