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Kenshi Review – Role With Capital Letters

Role with capital letters. Enter a gigantic post-apocalyptic world and face its countless dangers in this ambitious RPG adventure that defines freedom of action. Be what you want to be, without limits, as we told you in the analysis of Kenshi for PC.

🕹️ GameKenshi
🎮 Platform(s)PC
📅 Release DateDecember 6, 2018
👾 GenreRPG
🏆 Metacritic Metascore75
🏅 Metacritic User Score8.5

Loaded with precious stones and valuables, I happily headed to the city ready to sell and, of course, get rich. I deserved it! After hours of suffering; after fighting, stone-chopping, working the land, and rummaging through corpses, I was beginning to glimpse a promising future in the desolate post-apocalyptic world of Kenshi; but how wrong I was. In a second, almost without realizing it, I had behind me a score of starving bandits who only wanted to beat me to death and steal food. I ran. A lot. But it wasn’t enough; they were getting closer and closer! So I started to let go. I threw the few weapons I had on me; also some precious stones, minerals, and other objects. I left a trail of breadcrumbs… which in this case was a jumble of valuables.

And in the end, as I saw that I could not escape, I undressed. I threw everything to the ground to outrun my deadly pursuers. That’s how I reached the big city. I wanted to do it as a king, as the most successful merchant of all, but I ended up doing it begging for help, naked, with dozens of thugs on my back.

Kenshi Review – Roleplaying

This is Kenshi, an ambitious role-playing adventure that is born and grows on the idea of freedom. And this is absolute. You can do whatever you want. There are no limits because there are no pre-set goals that force you to go in one direction or another. Here you are the one who writes your history; who decides whether to become a dangerous mercenary, a great merchant, the leader of a band of looters, or the happiest of farmers. You can enslave others or suffer this terrible fate yourself.

You can be thrown in jail, or crippled in such a way that after a fight you end up without an arm, or a leg, or dead! And life will go on as if nothing because free will governs the lives of the inhabitants that swarm through the wasteland that recreates this challenging RPG. The feeling is incredible but it can also be hard, quite rough, considering that no one tells you where to go or what to do. It is practice, trial, and error that will help you understand and survive the many dangers that await here; and yet, you may still feel lost, lacking guidance, despite the numerous tutorials with which the game seeks to smooth the entry into this chaotic and crazy post-apocalyptic world.

A Nobody Trying to Survive

There is a maxim that defines the action of Kenshi. You are just one more; one of many poor unfortunates fighting to survive another day in this Mad Max-style world that the game recreates. You have no unique abilities, no more health than others, no greater skill with the handling of weapons. You are plain and simple… a nobody. And that’s not bad. The idea is great because, in the end, this RPG is about surviving, not saving the world. “I don’t like being told what to do or how to play,” Kenshi’s main man behind Kenshi, Chris Hunt, who spent nearly six years working solo on the project, said at the time. “I don’t want to be offered quests, I don’t want a pre-designed character that’s stronger than everyone else to start with – what’s the fun in that?” continued the creative, who spent 12 years developing Kenshi.

Before starting the game you can modify various aspects of the game to make the adventure as easy or difficult as you want it to be.

It’s a risky decision because, as I said, you start the game without a goal or destination. What will you do to survive? That is the question that gives rise to your adventure and as it happened with the great The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, is the element that gives rise to writing your own story; that, based on your actions and encounters with other characters, you have anecdotes to share with other players. Each game is unique, each user lives his role-playing adventure, and it is an aspect that enhances the video game. On the base, its action is very similar to that of any other survival adventure in the sense of not only eating to avoid starvation; it is also important to collect raw materials, research new technologies, manufacture weapons and tools, and even build a whole city.

Kenshi Review – Pros and Cons

✅ The absolute freedom to do whatever you want.❌ Graphics from another era.
✅ The balance is achieved to make all the infinite possibilities provoke coherent reactions.❌ Poor technical performance.
✅ Despite the poverty of the technical section, the atmosphere is achieved.❌ The absolute freedom to do whatever you want can be disorienting, the learning curve is high.

The World of Kenshi

Freedom is absolute because you can also pass all this and devote yourself to looting; being a scoundrel stealing and murdering. No one will judge you for it. “Be good, be bad, be a businessman, be a thief, live in a city, live in the wilderness, travel solo, travel in hordes, build fortresses, raze a city to the ground. Kenshi will not set limits or restrict your playstyle”, reads the official description of a videogame that presents a world without separate zones of more than 870 square kilometers, reaching dimensions similar to those of the classic Daggerfall of the well-known saga The Elder Scrolls.

Visually, this is reflected in a varied environment, with a great diversity of locations, which hide great dangers and exciting mysteries. This is something that will motivate us to go out there; to get away from our comfort zone to try to find out what has happened in the world around us, although as I said before, sometimes the game can be so hard and sparse in detail, that you feel lost without knowing what to do.

Exploring the world of Kenshi can be a dangerous task, but also rewarding for the many adventures you can live in it.

Combat System in Kenshi

When it comes to combat Kenshi is very challenging in the early stages of the adventure. You are a poor wretch, filthy, who has nowhere to drop dead, and that in practice means that even the vilest and miserable creature can end your life if you are not careful. Practice is the best teacher, as I said before, but it is not a simple slogan. Suffering a defeat, even if it means losing an arm, can make us stronger for future confrontations. Recovery will be long and painful, and expensive if we are looking for a good prosthesis, but there are few things as satisfying as overcoming these challenges and moving forward. Of course, you can also train yourselves without running into danger fighting against mannequins that you can make by yourselves as long as you have the necessary resources and skilled characters in science and crafts.

There are so many possibilities, so many crazy stories to life in this video game, that it’s hard not to get excited.

Kenshi Game Review

Practical. Everything revolves around it because this is an RPG without levels or classes to use. Each of the characters you control will improve their skills based on the actions they perform, very much in line with Skyrim and other titles of the same style. Fighting with certain weapons will make us stronger in the use of them, in the same way, that cultivating the land will make us experts in agriculture, or healing the wounded will make us great doctors.

The progression, although slow at times, is satisfying because you feel that every action has consequences, giving you the freedom to configure a team of survivors of the most varied. You can have up to 30 characters under your care, organizing them into groups that can automate certain tasks, such as feeding, working, or performing defense tasks so that the experience is not absolute chaos. What happens when it comes to fighting?

Some territories force us to adopt new game strategies to, for example, avoid being accused of being heretics by a religious nation.

Kenshi is a very challenging video game that does not forgive mistakes, and although when you acquire a high level a single character can kill entire groups of looters -their level does not grow at our pace-, it is convenient to make use of the strategy to avoid suffering more than necessary. In this sense, we have actions such as “taunting” that will allow us to focus on the character with the best defensive capabilities while the rest attack from afar, or with accurate hits with bladed weapons.

You will find this out if you accept mercenary contracts, going after dangerous outlaws who will test your skills. Or by defending your domain from the attack of ninjas and other powerful gangs. Anything can happen in the world of Kenshi, so we can’t stay stagnant. You have to move, you have to find recruits, new ways to protect yourself in a world obsessed with killing us.

Unique Stories of Kenshi

There are so many possibilities, so many crazy stories to life in this video game, that it’s hard not to get excited when you go into some ancestral ruins, or visit a new society. There are details that I love, like that extremely racist sacred nation that asks you to hand over non-human characters, so maybe I would have liked to find a better plot base that somehow, subtly guide us through the vast world of Kenshi.

It is a difficult video game that has no compassion whatsoever, and that can also scare more than one due to a discreet technical section that, it is obvious, is not its best virtue. It is certainly an ugly game with a somewhat outdated user interface, but all this passes into the background when you discover everything that hides inside. It’s a game that you can dedicate hundreds of hours to and still be surprised, still enjoy unique stories, and that’s Kenshi’s great strength.

Kenshi will not limit you or restrict your play style 

It is difficult to recommend its purchase because there are few games so ambitious in terms of freedom of action. There are no aids, no guides, and no big objectives to set the course of the adventure. It’s you against the world; you alone in the face of danger, which is something that can scare more than one. It’s not something negative per se, although I did miss a greater narrative load that would motivate me to delve deeper into the world of Kenshi, as well as a better pace of action, as sometimes you can feel like you’re stuck without having much to do beyond waiting to get the resources to move forward.

Summary of Kenshi Review

Don’t be fooled by appearances. Although this is an ugly and visually clunky game, Kenshi hides within it one of the deepest and most detailed RPG experiences in recent years. It’s amazing how much freedom of action it gives you to explore and live your adventure in a gigantic post-apocalyptic world. It can be hard in the extreme and sometimes the lack of a clear objective detracts from its value, but if you like role-playing and accept the challenge you will enjoy a unique adventure with the capacity to surprise even after many hours of gameplay.

  • An immense role-playing adventure with brutal freedom of action.
  • Allows you to be whatever you want, from a fierce warrior to a humble farmer.
  • Extensive options for building a city or upgrading weapons.
  • The feeling of progression, of growing up and getting stronger.
  • Although it can be an excessively hard game in the initial stages.
  • Graphically, it is a very discreet videogame.
  • Since there is no main story, sometimes the pace of the action can be very slow.

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