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League of Legends How to Report a Player Out of the Game

It has happened to all of us, and that’s why we come to lend a hand. In this small article, we told you how to report a player after a League of Legends game and we forgot to do it. We understand that sometimes the mood is not the best, and the idea is to move on quickly.

How to Report a LoL Player
How to report a player League of Legends, answers from

With this tool from Riot Games, you can send feedback whenever you want about any player you have matched with within your last 20 games. This is a much more important tool than it seems, as it not only serves to report players with whom you have just shared a game but much further back.

How to Use the Report Tool

In Riot, they are aware that many times, during LoL games, there are many occasions when your only thought is to report that player who is feeding on purpose, being toxic, or has left the game on purpose.

However, once the League of Legends game is over, it often happens that players are not in the best possible mood, much less to report. Sometimes the frustration is such that players leave the game as soon as it is over, forgetting to report the League of Legends player and going unpunished.

League of Legends Report a Player
League of Legends report a player

For this reason, many times there are not as many cases of banned or sanctioned LoL players as we would like, because the tool is not used. From this page, you can send any kind of report, in detail, about any event in your last 20 games.

Report a Player League of Legends
How to report a player League of Legends out of the game

It is to be appreciated that Riot is trying to improve its mechanisms, but it would also be to harden sanctions on certain attitudes. All for a healthier gaming experience.

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