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All Rage 2 Cheats and How to Activate Them

All Rage 2 Cheats

If you want to start playing Rage 2, you’ll want to check out these tricks that will allow you to survive as long as possible in the wasteland. If you are starting to play the new crazy shooter from Avalanche Studios and id Software, you will be interested in knowing that some tricks and hacks will help you have a more fun experience.

Rage 2 does not lack a sense of humour, but we are facing a furious action title where things will not be precisely easy because everyone will want to end their lives. However, knowing how to manage in the universe of Rage 2 will allow us to achieve our goals, so we tell you all the cheat codes of Rage 2, for console and PC game versions.

Rage 2 Cheats Activation

Gaming Platforms Where You Can Use Rage 2 Cheats

  • 🎮 Xbox (Xbox One, Xbox 360, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S)
  • 🎮 Playstation (PS4, PS5)
  • 💻 PC game version

How to Activate Rage 2 Cheats

Rage 2 cheat codes have a minor drawback, and that is that we must buy them before we can use them. However, Mangoo the Unborn – the Wasteland Wizard will sell them to you in exchange for some coins. Mangoo will be available in several game areas, as he will be travelling through them. You will be able to find him in three game zones.

Mangoo the Unborn – the Wasteland Wizard

Rage 2 Wasteland Wizard Locations

🧙‍♂️ Wizard Location #1In the north-eastern region of The Wilds, north of the road on a little island east of Dreadwood.
🧙‍♂️ Wizard Location #2Directly north of Eden Space Center visited as part of the main mission, Ground Control.
🧙‍♂️ Wizard Location #3North-west of The Edge Bandit Den and south-west of the Gunbarrel hub area.
🧙‍♂️ Wizard Location #4From Squelch Bandit Den in the Sekreto Wetlands, head north-east.
🧙‍♂️ Wizard Location #5On the far western side of the map in the Sekreto Wetlands, north-west of the Dweller Mutie Nest, and directly west of the Canned Heat Ranger Echo.
Map of Wasteland Wizard Locations

List of All Rage 2 Cheats

Rage 2 Cheat CodePriceCheat Description
👾 He’s on Fire2000You will unblock the commentaries of Tim Kitrow, the mythical commentator of NBA Jam
👾 Diamond Geezer2000You will unblock the commentaries of Danny Ayer, who will narrate your game
👾 Git Gud1000Enemies die in one shot
👾 Son of Thor2000You will unblock an electric power that kills the enemies that approach you
👾 Klegg SupportN/AUnlock the Klegg Clayton helper in your game
👾 Phoenix Rejector Seat2000If you execute an enemy from a vehicle
👾 Progress Booster500Double the progress of Feltrite Cells for four hours
👾 Super Phoenix1000Upgrade the vehicle with infinite ammo, no overheating, infinite turbo, and you can’t take damage
👾 Super Overdrive1000Upgrade the power of Overdrive
👾 Super Wingstick1000Unlock the power to track and kill enemies by itself
👾 Red Barrel Rain2000A set of red barrels will fall around you

Be careful, as if you activate any of these cheats, you will not be able to unlock any trophies. Also, the progress will not be saved while using them, and if you want to deactivate them, you will only have to access the configuration menu. 

Thanks to these Rage 2 cheats, no one will be able to beat you in this dangerous crazy world!

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