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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Side Quests and Important NPCs

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Side Quests and Important NPCs

Sekiro has a good amount of characters and NPCs. We tell you where to find all the characters, how to complete their side quests, and what rewards you will get.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, like almost any game with role-playing components, presents us with several NPCs or secondary characters to interact with. There are many types, and we have characters that are vital to the game’s progress; we have merchants, characters with side missions, and so on. 

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Characters

In this section, we will cover the interactions with all the NPCs so that you can complete all the side quests of the NPCs and get their rewards.

Important NPCs and side quests in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

All of these characters have some side quest with their own reward. As usual, you need to complete a series of steps to reach the end of it. Before you ask, yes, it is possible to mess up quests by advancing too far.

Kotaro – Sekiro Quest NPC

Generally speaking, quests are spoiled if you advance too far in the story and you haven’t made the NPC “move”, but if he’s always in the same place, it’s not spoiled. The best practical example of this would be Jinzaemon Kumano and Kotaro. In his side mission, Kotaro is an NPC who is always in the same place, so we can complete his mission whenever we want. However, Jinzaemon’s mission is lost if you reach Mibu Village without having advanced in it.

Sekiro Characters: Blackhat Badger

When you fail a mission, you lose access to the unique rewards in that game, and the related NPC may die or become hostile.

List of Main Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Characters

Kuro, The Divine HeirThe young lord of the Wolf will be the first character we will meet.
Pot NoblesFind out how to find Harunaga and Koremori and help them fulfill their plans.
The SculptorThe one responsible for our prosthesis and for saving our life.
EmmaA woman with many more qualities than her simplicity would suggest.
Hanbei the UndyingThe Wolf has found the perfect sparring partner, an immortal warrior.
Inosuke NogamiAnd his mother: two survivors of the Hirata Estate. Their luck doesn’t seem to have improved much.
Fujioka, the information sellerA man has managed to discover the region’s secrets, but not the most important one: how to get out of Ashina Castle alive.
The Tengu of AshinaA mighty warrior needs our help.
Jinzaemon KumanoAn Ashina officer seems to have gone mad in the reservoir.
KotaroA monk has been left alone in Senpo Temple.
Divine Child of RejuvenationA young girl keeps a secret deep inside Senpou Temple.
DoujunThis surgeon never took an oath about helping people.
Blackhat BadgerIn Castle Ashina’s corner, a creature tries to prove he is not a rat.
Anayama the PeddlerA man tries to set up his business in the Ashina region.

Irrelevant NPCs or NPCs without side quests

These NPCs have no quests expressly related to them. Therefore, they contribute nothing or practically nothing to the story, or their rewards are irrelevant.

  1. Rice Elder
  2. Dying characters
  3. Thirsty Priest
  4. The Tent Keeper

👤 Rice Elder

This character does not have a related quest. If you have Rice in your inventory (you get it from the Celestial Girl), she will give you clues about the route to follow in the game. It will always be in your way, and it is difficult to overlook it. The only exciting thing is that if you use a Dragon’s Blood Drop or a Jizo Figurine wrapped next to her, she gives you Buddhist candies (Gachiin candies, Ungo, etc.).

👤 Dying characters

They are numerous and everywhere. They don’t contribute anything beyond warning you that something is about to happen. We have a monk in the Hidden Forest, Ashina warriors in the castle, Eyes of the Serpent before one of the bosses of the Ashina Deep

👤 Thirsty Priest

You find him in Mibu Village by going under the house floor before the final boss. You will have to give him the Water of the Palace, which is in an area you reach by diving into the courtyard of the nobles of the Mibu Mansion, in the Palace of the Spring. He will reward you with Treasure Tent Scales.

👤 The Tent Keeper

The keeper of the Big Colorful Tent, you will get a Divine Grass if you bring him the white mustache when the tent dies.

Merchants in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

The Merchants act as sellers and are located at particular points of the game. So that you don’t have problems with them, we tell you where to find them all:

  • 💰Anayama the Peddler
  • 💰Battlefield Memorial Mob
  • 💰Blackhat Badger
  • 💰Crow’s Bed Memorial Mob
  • 💰Dungeon Memorial Mob
  • 💰Exiled Memorial Mob
  • 💰Fujioka the Info Broker
  • 💰Pot Noble Harunaga
  • 💰Pot Noble Koremori
  • 💰Shugendo Memorial Mob
  • 💰Toxic Memorial Mob
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